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All businesses need bookkeeping services!

Across Borders Bookkeeping Mission Statement:

We strive to take the worry away from business owners regarding the bookkeeping aspect of the company so that they can focus on the parts of business ownership that they love most.



There are a variety of ways that bookkeeping services may be provided to tailor to your business. Quickbooks is seen as the most viable option for privately owned businesses due to the relatively low cost, easy navigation, and vast functions. The QB-certified staff at ABB have expertise in not only Quickbooks software but also other advanced accounting software such as Sage, Wave, and Xero.

Current technology allows us to provide bookkeeping services remotely where in the past most bookkeeper services were provided at individual client work locations. Remote services not only saves you on office space, but also offers shared access in Quickbooks Online software to access reports on your smartphone, laptop, or iPad seamlessly. Allowing business owners to have real-time accurate reports to keep their thumb on the pulse of their institution.

Our professionals have extensive experience working with clients in a wide range of industries. All of our consultations are free and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding the needs of your business.

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